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Essential Group Fitness



Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

Are you interested in taking the Group Fitness Course but are unsure if it's the right course for you? Here you will all aspects of the Group Course in a condensed version all online.

2. Nutriton

Nutrients are substances for proper bodily function.

3. Physiology

A background on how muscles work, and energy production.

4. Kinesiology

Anatomy, muscle action and joint action is covered in this chapter.

5. Aerobic Training

Benefits, weekly requirements, diet requirements types of aerobic activities and so much more.

6. Weight Training

In this chapter we will cover the benefits, proper lifting technique, the overload principle and a variety of other important information. This chapter is only a condensed version of the Weight Training Module, but will give you a working knowledge of the basics.

7. Fitness Testing

These are common fitness testing procedures and components.

8. Stretching

Benefits, requirements and guidelines

9. Yoga and Pregnancy

This chapter is condensed version of the yoga and pregnancy chapters and covers general information.

10. Senior Fitness

Working with the older adult population is becoming increasing popular.

11. Exercise Injury

What to do, what are some common injuries?

12. Fitness Forms/Evaluations

What some centers may require you to do as an instructor.

13. Final Assignment

Final Assignment

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