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Nutrition Workshops

Nutritional Composition


This workshop gives you that extra edge with your client/athletes. Each chapter focuses on health related fitness and it's role in nutrition.

This workshop comes with either an e-book or hard copy manual  Nutrition for Health, Fitness and Sport shipped from Amazon.


The workshop is a more in depth look at Sports Nutrition


Workshop Breakdown and Topics Covered

  • Health Related Fitness and the Role of Nutrition
  • Sports Nutrition and its effect on Performance
  • Focus on Balanced Diets
  • Nutrition Labels and Educating your client
  • Human Energy Systems and Fatigue During Exercise
  • Carbohydrates (The main energy food and Carbohydrates for exercise)
  • Fats (Still and Important energy source during exercise)
  • Protein (The tissue builder)
  • Vitamins and Minerals
  • Hydration and Electrolytes
  • Ideal Body Weight and Ideal Body Composition
  • Determining the Number of Calories Needed per Day
  • Sports Supplements (your educational guide)
  • Super Foods
  • Pre and Post Competition Meals


Here is the course outline:

1. Introduction

2. Chapter 1 Health Related Fitness and the Role of Nutrition

3. Chapter 2 Sports Nutrition and its Effect on Your Performance

4. Chapter 3: Human Energy

5. Chapter 4: Carbohydrates: The Main Energy Food

6. Chapter 5: Fat: An Important Energy Source During Exercise

7. Chapter 6: Protein the Tissue Builder

8. Chapter 7: Vitamins: The Organic Regulator

9. Chapter 8: Minerals: The Inorganic Regulators

10. Chapter 9: Water, Electrolytes and Temperature Regulation

11. Chapter 10: Body Weight and Composition for Health and Sport

12. Chapter 11: Weight Management and Loss Through Proper Nutrition and Exercise

13. Chapter 12: Weight Gaining Through Proper Nutrition and Exercise

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